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The Board GEM

It's a monthly email article glittering with governance wisdom and leadership insights. Our consultants (Ralph Kikkert, Jim Brown, and Mary Lynn McPherson) percolate on what they observe as they meet with boards, CEOs and leadership teams and give practical tips on how to implement best practices for your board. Topics range from conflict resolution, to succession planning, to behaviors in the boardroom, to media releases, or even role-specific training… anything and everything relevant to boards or leaders. Subscribers also get the first heads-up on webinars and new board tools, as well as other helpful tips and suggestions that our consultants are excited about. Our commitment to you: no spam, no sharing of your information, no hostile take-overs of your inbox; just a bite-size chunk of our best insights and resources. PS. Have a voracious appetite for governance tips? Head over to our Articles section where over 150 of our past Board GEMs are archived for your reference.