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Leadership Team Offsites

Does your team suffer from boring meetings, artificial harmony, back-channel politics or other challenges? If so, maybe an executive team retreat and teambuilding workshop are in order.

Aimed at executive and senior leadership teams, this workshop guides you toward achieving the greatest competitive advantage: a healthy organization. Based on content and material from The Advantage and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this interactive session provides tools for your team to acknowledge, confront and overcome unhealthy behaviours.  As a team, you'll be able to move forward faster and achieve collective results sooner. The end result will be organizational clarity for your team and stronger professional relationships among team members. For the greatest impact and highest return, we recommend a two-day offsite session. Our experience shows that much of the value happens on the second consecutive date. Although, we can also customize the offsite to one-day or half-day sessions

All workshop material is from The Table Group – Patrick Lencioni's company—and focusses on their models on Organizational Health and Five Dysfunctions. The full program with the highest results rating is a two-day retreat, but we also offer shorter sessions with fewer components.

Two-Day Leadership Team Offsite

The purpose of the Two-Day Leadership Team Offsite is to provide the opportunity for leadership teams to assess their organization’s overall health, cohesiveness, unity, and purpose. Specific action items will be identified for immediate team improvement.

We can say without hesitation that teams that choose the Two-Day Offsite achieve the best results moving forward towards a healthy organization. Over the course of these two days, a team can make an immediate impact on its ability to succeed. The entire team will complete a Five Dysfunctions Online Team Assessment and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or DiSC) prior to the offsite.

Find out more about what's covered in the Two-Day Leadership Team Offsite in this PDF.

One-Day Leadership Team Offsite

The purpose of the One-Day Leadership Team Offsite is to provide the opportunity for a leadership team to assess their organization’s overall health, including their team’s cohesiveness, and to identify specific action items for immediate team improvement. It will not be as extensive as the Two-Day Offsite. You will complete the Five Dysfunctions Online Team Assessment prior to the offsite.


This large-scale offsite session takes a number of teams through the Five Dysfunctions material simultaneously. Each team will experience the Five Dysfunctions material consistently and break-out into team focused discussions with the aid of a professional facilitator. This session works well for managers of multiple teams and encourages a widespread influence of organizational health principles throughout your organization. All the teams hear the same message and work on teamwork together creating shared momentum.


Check out these printer-friendly organizational health resources.

Discipline 1: Build a Cohesive Leadership Team

Discipline 2: Create Clarity

Discipline 3: Over-Communicate Clarity

Discipline 4: Reinforce Clarity


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