Our mission is to maximize value for our clients by leading companies to focus on excellence.

Our Foundation

We live by a strict commitment to shareholder primacy – an unwavering mandate that the purpose of a for-profit corporation is to maximize long-run value to investors.

Stakeholders Over Shareholders?

Shareholder capitalism has outperformed stakeholder capitalism by over 3% annually for the past 35+ years.1 Despite this fact, asset managers have shifted away from prioritizing shareholders and used their clients’ capital to advance other stakeholders’ interests. We view this as a major fiduciary breach.

Bridging the Fiduciary Gap

Our sole obligation is to the financial interests of our clients. We unapologetically prioritize shareholders over other stakeholders.

How Excellence

Is Achieved

One of Strive’s core differentiators is our approach to shareholder voting and engagement. We leverage our voice and vote to maximize long-run client value by mandating the corporate pursuit of excellence through our variety of investment funds and client solutions.

Invest in Excellence


Our ETFs provide comparable investment options to existing large asset managers. The key distinction of our funds and model portfolios is our value maximization approach to shareholder voting and engagement. 

Proxy Services

Our Proxy Voting and Advisory Services allow clients to vote the Strive way. Asset allocators can also partner with Strive to represent their clients’ votes as a shareholder while leaving their funds intact with existing asset managers. 


The Strive Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) lets businesses offer a 401(k) plan to their employees that partners leading retirement industry service providers with Strive’s investment philosophy of prioritizing shareholder value maximization over the interests of other stakeholders.

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  1. Bloomberg 2023. Based on daily total returns of S&P 500 Index versus STOXX Europe 600 Index from 12/31/1986 through 3/31/2023. One cannot invest directly in an index.