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The Strive Difference

Two proxy advisory firms, ISS and Glass Lewis, have owned as much as 97% of the market share.1 Both are in lockstep with the largest asset managers in advancing stakeholder-focused policies. 

Our voting recommendations and engagements are made with the sole interest of maximizing the value of clients’ investment accounts. That’s the Strive Difference.

What is Proxy Voting?

Public companies hold annual shareholder meetings to provide a space for shareholders to ask questions, engage with company leadership, and review and vote proxies. A proxy ballot is similar to an election ballot – it contains important company matters that shareholders have a right to vote on. This can include executive compensation, election of board members, auditor selection, management and shareholder proposals, and more. 

The outcomes of proxy votes can have a significant impact on both companies and the shareholders who own their stocks. Yet, according to ProxyPulse’s 2023 Proxy Season Preview, only 29% of retail investors exercised their right to vote.

Voting the Strive Way

The four principles of excellence are at the heart of everything Strive does. They help form the basis of all our voting recommendations and how we engage with corporations on behalf of our clients.

We believe companies should use the following principles to drive shareholder value:

Mission Driven
Customer Centric
Financially Disciplined

Voting Made Easy

Strive Proxy Voting allows financial professionals and institutions to exercise their clients’ right to vote – with the sole objective of maximizing value – in three simple steps:

Access Strive voting recommendations and research on our platform.

Review the pre-filled ballot items and make any changes desired.

Submit your ballot.

Beyond the Ballot

Proxy voting is a vital part of leading companies to focus on excellence. However, most corporate governance decisions are not made through shareholder votes; they’re made through shareholder engagements that do not require approval from other shareholders.

Large asset managers exert their influence year-round by privately pushing publicly traded companies to prioritize other stakeholders above shareholders. We unapologetically prioritize shareholders. We started Strive Proxy Advisory Services to help ensure that companies do the same.




This service allows asset allocators to leave their funds intact with existing asset managers (either internal or external) while partnering with Strive to represent their clients’ voices and votes as a shareholder in public companies.

Service offering includes:

  • Development of client-specific guidelines
  • Monitoring and oversight of outside asset managers
  • Assessment of shareholder proposals
  • Quarterly alignment and reporting
  • And more

Give Power to Your Voice and Vote

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