“You are able to think big only if you think independently.”

By Stefan Kyora, June 10, 2022

Following the success of the biotech company Roivant Sciences, which received FDA approval for several drugs and had a spectacular IPO, Vivek Ramaswamy has now started an investment company with which he wants to take on the industry giants. In the margins of the Swiss Economic Forum we spoke to him about big ambitions, independent thinking in start-ups and corporate responsibility in the face of the threat of social division.

Strive will launch its first product shortly. The market test is still pending, but the recruitment process must have already shown you whether your concept will be well received. How has recruitment gone so far?
Very good, and better than in my other ventures. Many employees inside and outside the financial industry appear to prefer to work in a politically neutral company such as Strive than in companies dedicated to specific political goals.

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